Tioga Digital: Your digital life, organized.

Your digital estate is as close as your mobile device. Secure, off-site, cloud storage of important digital documents, separate and safe. Keeping your digital assets safe for your lifetime. And beyond.

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About Tioga Digital Estates

Tioga Digital offers a long-term digital estate service backed by a Delaware Digital Access Trust to protect your digital estate and its components. This service for the safekeeping of digital assets openly embraces a timeframe of decades for our customers. Digital proporty and data stay safe through state of the art cloud storage and encryption technologies.

Tioga Digital backs all this up with state of the art legal protections too - a form of trust that protects our customer's digital assets in useful ways, the new Delaware Digital Access Trust.

Not just online storage, peace of mind...

For the rest of your life and all as close as your smartphone.

Folios allow you to manage data via Life Events: keeping all the stuff related to some personal event or project all together in one "folio"

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